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What we will spend donations on

A.S.S.C. adheres to all relevant financial compliance policies and procedures. All donation expenditures will be published through our annual report.

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What you will receive

All A.S.S.C. donors receive a gratitude note, to thank you for taking the time to donate to our service supporting child victims of crime.


Will we keep your information?

Only with your consent.

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Please tell us how we are doing or how you found your experience with A.S.S.C.

This is so important to us at A.S.S.C. We always endeavor to make our services work for young victims of crime and their families.

We ask all those that are in contact with our service to give us feedback on or use the contact form below.

What feedback can you give?

Anything you feel we should hear……..

Tell us how you found our service, Good or Bad………

Tell us what your experience was like negotiating the Criminal Justice System, Good or Bad………

Why do we do this?

We do this so we can continue to improve our services.
We do this so we can address any problem or issues our families may have.
We do this so we can tell people how you got on during your time within the Criminal Justice System.

What do we do with your information?

If you email us at we will send you back an email seeking your consent to use the information you have provided. That will be the only contact you will have with us.

Where would we us it?

On our website
In our Annual Reports
In any submission made to the government and/or grant applications
As part of any work on an advisory group that A.S.S.C. might sit on

Will people know who you are?


Any information we use about your experience with A.S.S.C., the CASAT’s or Rotunda SATU or the Criminal Justice System will be anonymised.