The Galway Mayor’s Awards 2022

A.S.S.C. Volunteers win the 2022 Children and Youth Support Award at The Galway City Mayor’s Awards (Gradam an Mheará)

On behalf of all our volunteers, A.S.S.C. is honoured to have received the Children and Youth Support Award at the 2022 Galway City Mayor’s Awards. The outline below from the award ceremony presentation highlights the impact that our volunteers have every day of the year. Thank you to all our volunteers!

“People from all walks of life come together in Galway each week with a common cause: to help ensure a vital support service is available to young people if and as needed. Volunteers have enabled this service to operate 24 hours, 365 days a year and without these volunteers, this vital support service for children attending in Galway would not be available. These volunteers give their time willingly to provide accompaniment and advocacy for young people and their families at different stages. Despite the impact of the pandemic, these volunteers contributed to delivering this service ensuring every child had a person there solely to support them.

With the support, professionalism and knowledge provided by our recipient, children and their families are provided with a vital, much needed support while they are negotiating through different divisions of our justice system.

For their dedication, commitment, motivation and peer support and
For providing all children/young people and families with accompaniment and support during a time when it is most needed

The 2022 Children and Youth Support Award goes to:

Accompaniment Support Services for Children (A.S.S.C.) Volunteers.”