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The Young Person’s Voice

The voice of our young service users and families is so important to A.S.S.C. We believe that when a young person is brought to the centre of the justice process it allows them to be heard. When young people are actively listened to, they are encouraged to learn about their rights and express their views.

How can A.S.S.C. help the voice of the child victim of crime?
Asking our young clients & families for feedback.

This is so important to us at A.S.S.C. as we endeavor to make our services work for young victims of crime and their families.

We ask all those that use our service  to give us feedback on

Don’t worry we will never identify you.

What feedback can you give?

Anything you feel we should hear……..

Tell us how you found our service, Good or Bad……….

Tell us what your experience was like negotiating the Criminal Justice System, Good or Bad………

Why do we do this?

We do this so we can continue to improve our services.

We do it so we can address any problem/issues our families may have.

We do so we can tell people how you got on for your time within the Criminal Justice System.

What do we do with your information?

If you email us at We will send an email back to ask if it is ok with you, if we use what you have written to us. That will be the only contact you will have with us.

Where would we use it?

On our website

In our Annual Reports

In any submission made to the Government of Ireland

As part of any work on an advisory group, A.S.S.C. sits on

Will people know who you are?


Any information we use about your experience with A.S.S.C. or the Criminal Justice System will be anonymised.

Submissions by A.S.S.C.

This is so important to us at A.S.S.C. we want the “powers at be” to hear about the good things and the bad things about your time in the criminal justice process.

A.S.S.C. sits on “Children Living with Domestic Sexual Violence” – Working Group

Submissions Worked on collaboratively
  • Joint Submission to the 3rd National Strategy on DSGBV
  • Submission to Family Justice Oversight Group
A.S.S.C. takes part in consultations led by the government to improve the experiences of child victims of crime.
  • Roundtable EC Consultation Child Sexual Abuse
  • Consultation on the 3rd National Strategy on domestic sexual gender-based violence (DSGBV)
A.S.S.C. sits on Advisory Groups
  • National Advocacy Programme – lead by the Rape Crisis Network Ireland (RCNI)
  • The Intersection of Criminal and Civil Jurisdictions on Domestic and Sexual Violence

Annual Reports

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A.S.S.C. is a member of the Children Rights Alliance

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